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                    23SS's New season 
        begins with TrAndy Collection 

                     Trad = unchanging value, tradition,  heritage
                              Trendy =ahead of the trend

TrAndy refers to the word trendy but has an “a” instead of an “e.” This makes it unique and helps it represent the look's values, which are uniqueness and vividity. However, Trandy pursues not only these values but also the value of basic, fundamental aspects of fashion, comfort, and style.
TrAndy will establish itself as a collection for people who lead the trend with a sense of being ahead of others while preserving valuable and precious traditions.


#Be unique 
& just be you!

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Company: DEPART.275
Address: 124-601 Raemian Firstage Banpodaero 275
Tel: 822-594-2413